Little bit about me


Hello and welcome! My name is Natalie, I am a United Kingdom based freelance artist, madly in love with painting. I use several methods and styles, usually oil on canvas and acrylics on canvas.


My passion for painting began in 2014. It started very suddenly and still continues to be my obsession. The image of the female and her body, its mystery, and beauty truly fascinate my mind and inspire me to create my works.


I love to experiment with different styles as it expresses a multifaceted idea and its embodiment, and, of course, gives an opportunity to seek and develop myself. Communicating with many artists and understanding their vision of art encouraged me to share my works with other people who love art as much as I do.


The first step in my career, was to take part in  'The colors of seasons' and 'Free Look' exhibitions at the 'Gallery Vinogradov'  in Berlin 2016. The same year I also presented artworks in 'Neue Kapelle' gallery in exhibition called 'Abstract and realistic'. Year after I was happy to participate ''Theatre Sur Papier'' in France

 You can see my early and recent art in '' The Gallery'' section. I  hope you will enjoy it.



 Natalie A.




                     ''Every man`s work, whether it be literature or music                   or  pictures  or architecture or anything else, is                         always a portrait of himself.''                                                                              


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